One in a million

muz. Rafał Paczkowski, Piotr Rubik, sł. Marek Śledziewski


I'll break all the laws
And all of the rules
For the sake of the dumb, and those who are fools
But my body is frail, my vision is weak
So lend my your ears, at least I can speak
Just let me be who I am
I've done what it takes
I've cheated and lied
For the sake of the poor and those who can't hide
But my spirit is warm, my mind is so free
So lend me your hands, at least I can feel
Just let me be who I am

There's gotta be freedom, there's gotta be freedom and joy
There's gotta be freedom, for us again

I do all I can
When I'm down on my knees
For the sake of the lost as they drown in the seas
But my faith, it fades, it trickles away
Love was the savior, at least I can care
(A one in a million)
Why don't they know who I am?